COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Technology Acceleration Program

The COVID-19 Technology Acceleration program provides statewide assistance to advance technology and commercialization that addresses challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic. Examples of technologies responding to COVID-19 include testing, data modeling, analysis, personal protective equipment (PPE), medical devices, therapies, prevention/safety, etc. Researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the State of Illinois who are working on products, ideas, or solutions that address the risks or impacts associated with COVID-19 are encouraged to apply for free assistance.

The Illinois University Incubator Network (IUIN) and the University of Illinois EDA University Center are led by EnterpriseWorks at the University of Illinois Research Park.

Resources for Illinois Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Incuabator Communities


The Research Park and EnterpriseWorks staff have curated an online list of regional, state, and federal COVID-19 resources. They are also producing and broadcasting virtual events and workshops that are open to the public and feature timely and relevant topics during this time for Illinois innovation and entrepreneurship communities. Consider joining the Research Park listserv by sending your request to

IUIN Peer Webinars

Peers from Illinois university incubators are invited to join an online gathering to share resources and best practices on how we are responding to the impact of COVID-19 on our incubator operations and clients. We meet via Zoom approximately twice per month (dates/times vary). Contact Cheri Soliday at for more information.

IUIN Peer Resource Sharing

We have also created a COVID-19 Resources folder in the IUIN Resource Space on The COVID-19 folder includes archives from IUIN Peer webinars as well as additional resources. These spaces require an invitation or login credentials (if already invited). Access is restricted to leaders and staff of Illinois incubators and entrepreneurship programs. If you do not have access (or your access has expired), reach out to Cheri Soliday

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